Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Indoor Tanning Ramble and Tips

So I'm sick :( I must have caught the bug going around, but I went to the doctor today and I have coxsackie virus. It sounds icky and it is icky. I have been feeling terrible all day. I took tons of multi vitamins and ate a lot of fruit so hopefully I will be feeling better by the weekend.

Anyway, I went to a new tanning salon yesterday and I am quite pleased with the results.. however not so much with the price. To date, I have been to four different indoor tanning salons and I think I have figured out what I like best. I have been in the lower end beds (the cheapest) and the most expensive.

I went to Beach Bum tanning yesterday which has many locations in the Tri-State area, and I don't think I am going to go back. I paid $20 for a ten minute session in their Platinum Level Bed. I did the lay down bed, as I am a bit scared to do stand up. I didn't use a lotion, even though I probaby should have, but nevertheless I got quite a bit of color. I tan really easily and my color showed almost immediately after I left. The only reason I won't go back is because of the price, I know another place that is half of the price for an even stronger bed, even though it isn't quite as "nice". If you are interested in checking out Beach Bum, you can find a location at their website here.

If you are new to tanning, here are a few tips and tricks I have learned over the past two years.

  • Invest in a lotion bottle. Tanning lotions can help you tan quicker and faster- there are many different types such as a tingler, bronzing or cooling. You can purchase lotion packets at any tanning salon that usually range from $5-$15 per packet. This can get expensive if you purchase each time, so buying a bottle is less expensive. I reccomend purchasing them off of ebay or a webiste, as tanning salons over price them.
  • Wipe your tanning bed down yourself before you tan. It is really important that you do this, as you cannot trust the girls who work at the salon to truly sanitize the beds before you use them. This can prevent the transfer of diseases, and other nasty bugs that you can get as most people do tan naked.
  • Wear tanning goggles. Most tanning places will provide you with a set, but if they don't you can simply purchase them once and bring them with you each time you go. They are relatively cheap- $4 or $5. Not wearing these can severly damage your eyes, as closing your eyes is not good enough.
  • Shave, exfoliate then moisturize before you go tanning. Shaving after will remove a bit of your tan!
  • Know your own skin. If you get burnt easily, admit to it! If your face tends to get red or get irritated wear SPF on your face! It is important to know how your body reacts to tanning so that you can tan safely.

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