Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stila Eye Trio- Champange and Gold Glow Reviews

I absolutely love these Stila Eye trios. The left one is called Champagne Glow and the right one is called Gold Glow. They are baked to get a "sheer, never chalky application" according to the Stila site. The three shades are supposed to be used as a base, crease shadow and eye liner. All of them can be used wet, but the middle shade on each is the eyeliner shade.

(Gold Glow, click for bigger picture of swatches)

(Champagne Glow, click for bigger picture of swatches)

The color payoff on both is amazing. They are richly pigmented and well worth the hefty price tag of $28 USD. That might seem like a lot, but I don't think I will ever run out of either shadow. I've had Champange Glow for over a year now, and I've only made a slight dip in the middle shade. The stay power is really great also, I use them on top of Urban Decay Primer Potion. If you have dry lids, the shadow could be a problem, because it is baked, but my lids are really oily so I haven't had a problem yet. All in all, I highly recommend both of these trios, and I lemming the third, which is called Bronze Glow. These are honestly, perfect for summer- you don't need a lot of makeup over that gorgeous tan and these shades are the perfect compliment! They can be purchased at the Stila website or Sephora.

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