Saturday, June 20, 2009

Victoria's Secret Haul

I went to the mall yesterday for the first time in a bit, and I picked up a few goodies from Victoria's Secret. I was more than pleased when I left, because they were having their annual Summer Clearance, and almost everything was at least 75% off.

The first thing I picked up as the Body Double Mist in Slice of Heaven on the left. There are two layers of a 'skin conditioner' and a layer of 'fragrance' which results in a rather quite nice body splash. The scent is really sweet and reminds me of cookie dough. Originally it is $12, but with 75% off... you do the math. On the right, we have the Body Drink Lotion in again, Slice of Heaven. I haven't used this yet, but it smells nice too. The scent is not as strong as the body mist, but it is very sweet. The lotion cost only $3 with the clearance!

Next, I picked up the swim bottom. I already had the top, but I never bought the bottom. I was actually just going to go to Old Navy and get a white bottom, but the matching one was only $9.99 on clearance so I snatched that up. And they even had it in my size :)

I didn't even see these till I had already paid for my previous items and I was leaving the store. Now these are probably my favorite things I got yesterday- they are called Lip Butters. They were such a bargain. Each one was only $2 from $8 and the original price is not even that bad. The shades are really gorgeous- I opened the Fresh one, and it's a pink/nude lip and is really moisturizing too. I'm thinking of going back to get a ton of these just to have. On the Victoria's Secret website, they have a 3 for $21 deal going on, but I would check your store first... you can get 3 for $6. Anyway, you can still check them out here if your store is sold out of them already.

I bought some things in Sephora too, so look out for that post tomorrow!

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