Sunday, June 21, 2009

Change in Sephora Return Policy

Don't you love how you can return products- new or used without a receipt and get store credit back without a problem now? Well that's about to change a bit...

When I went to Sephora the other day, I asked the girl who was ringing me up about the change in the return policy. It hasn't been instated yet, but she informed me that it will be quite soon. When their new policy is put into play, to make a return without a reciept, they are going to scan and record your drivers license. This is to prohibit you from making multiple returns without a reciept. If you don't do this often, this shouldn't affect you, but for the vast majority of Sephora go-ers, I would start saving your receipts. I'm not sure why they were starting this up, but I can guess it is due to the economic times and I would assume a small percentage of the items that are returned are simply stolen from the store. Just a heads up ladies!


Lauren said...

Unfortunately there is a lot of fraud occurring in retail - especially at stores with generous return policies. This policy change will only negatively affect those who are abusing the current policy and/or are outright scamming. I for one am excited and pleased because I hate to pay the price for others' dishonesty (increased prices, etc. due to large amounts of $ lost). :)

The Bergdorf Brunette said...

Oh I agree with you Lauren! I think this is a good change that Sephora is making :) Thanks for commenting!