Friday, July 17, 2009

Fyrianne Haul

I am sooo excited! I have gotten so many new shiny things in the past few days and my Fyrianne haul is just a small part of them. I went to Manhattan again yesterday with my roomate-to-be and did some major damage in Forever 21, but I have still yet to post my haul.

I ordered three things from Fyrianne a couple of weeks ago, but I just got my order today. They actually refunded me $4, because they said that my order should have been out sooner and they apologized, which I thought was a very good Customer Service sign.

Anyway, onto my haul:

I ordered the following products:
  • Mineral Finishing Oil Powder Control
  • Velvet Gel-Silica Primer
  • Powder Primer
  • Snow Leopard Eyeshadow Sample (Free)
The sole reason I decided to haul from Fyrianne was that I heard that they their products work well with oily skin types... such as myself.. and I was intrigued by their range of items. Based on reviews and recommendations from Makeup Alley, I picked up those particular products. Did I mention that my entire haul was $21 USD????? Each item was like less than $6 USD for the full size. I was really impressed by the inexpensive price and the fact that they gave me $4 back for late shipping. So far I give Fyrianne A+... now I have yet to try out the products and complete my review.

Talk to you all soon! Let me know if you have any experience with Fyrianne and/or the products I ordered!

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