Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser Review

I'm relatively new to LUSH I do admit, but I am getting to know their products a bit more, and what is worth buying and what is worth trying. I was intrigued by their Angels on Bare Skin cleanser that got many rave reviews and was deemed one of their "best products". So of course I decided to try it out for myself..

As you can see, there are ground almonds infused in the mixture with lavender oil and rose absolute tones (what is this by the way??). The smell is very herbal which is okay... not unpleasant, but not the best smelling thing in the entire world. I was surprised when I first tried it out, because it came in a huge chunk with a weird texture. You have to take a small pea sized amount of it out and mix it in with water to actually apply it to your face. This is the part that I really don't like... it takes way to much effort for my liking to use it.

You can see above what it looks like once you add the water. It becomes a very thin consistency with the water, but there are still chunks that don't dissolve. Perhaps I have not found the best technique to use it yet, but after you mix it, the transfer is relatively messy. The almond chunks get all over my sink and there is a lot of fall out from the cleanser from the application.

The pros are that after I do manage to exfoliate my face with it and rinse it off, my skin does feel very smooth and refreshed afterwards. I have very oily skin and I think it did lessen the shine for me after I used it so I am going to continue to try it out and update my review if I feel that the effort put into using it can balance out it's effects. It costs $9.95 for 3.5 oz of it which is really good. The amount you get will last you a lifetime, so I do think it is worth the money.

Have you tried this? Let me know if you have and your thoughts!

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