Monday, July 20, 2009

NYX Palettes Haul: Champagne & Caviar + Smokey Eyes

I got my NYX haul from Nonpareil Boutique yesterday and was I was absolutely ecstatic. I ordered my palettes on a Friday night and on Monday morning I had a confirmation that my order went out. It took about a week for my order to arrive, which is pretty fast I think. I'm not sure if the two palettes I got are completely sold out at Nonpareil yet, but I know that at and Cherry, they are going very fast. I was lemming 2 other ones- Versus and Romance, but I decided against them, because I already have colors similar to them. However, these two I could NOT resist. They are absolutely gorgeous and a must have. I got them for $8 USD each at Nonpareil, but I think everywhere else they are $9 USD each. Before buying at a website, make sure to check if there are any ongoing promotions to get a discount or free shipping. I missed the one at Nonpareil where you got 20% off any NYX purchase :(

Anyway, here are are my precious babies... I will post swatches soon and give a review on their texture once I play around with them a bit more.. enjoy!

NYX Smokey Eyes Palette

NYX Champagne and Caviar Palette

If you have these, please let me know how you like them! Thanks :)


xannon said...

Hello! great review.
im actually reading how good is the NYX palettes.i have decided on smoekey eye palattes and now deciding between the champagne or the jazz night,,haha.

hi! NYV which are sellin online are much chepaer than the offstore in NYC right? cause i will opt for international shopping as im not staying within usa area and im thinking whether to ask my friend buy it for me or i purchase them online.

xannon said...

sorry for the spelling mistakes,im so poor in typing..Sorry.

Sally said...

I love love love the Champagne & Caviar palette. I think the shadows are gorgeously pigmented, soft, and everything else a good shadow should be. I really want the Smokey Eyes now though.

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