Sunday, July 12, 2009

Marshalls and Kohl's Haulage

I went to Marshalls and Kohl's last night and got a few things that I'm pretty happy about. I'll start with my Marshalls haul.

I was sooo happy when I found these. They are Korres Body Milks in Basil Lemon and Bitter Almond. They go for $15 each at Sephora or, but I got these babies for $3.99 each! I was so happy, because I recently ordered one from Sephora and paid full retail price (I talk about it in my next video).

I've never heard of this brand before, but there were a lot of products by them at my Marshalls, but I decided not to buy any of their other tanning products. They had a tanning mousse and an instant spray tan also. The item shown above is an Island Bronze: Illuminating Bronzing Creme by the brand Bys. I looked the brand up last night, and apparently it's from Australia. If you've ever heard of them or tried their products out please do let me know! I got the creme for $4.99 at Marshalls. I might try some other items from their line if I hear good things about them.

Onto my Kohl's haul...

I got three Flirt! Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lipglosses in: (from top to bottom) Nectar Fizz, Heavenly Honey and Candy Grapefruit. I haven't tried these out yet, but they are only $12. They are very small though for the price, so don't expect a Juicy Tube size!

Lastly, this is my favorite part of the haul... I got a Simply Vera by Vera Wang handbag! It's genuine leather and I think it's a gorgeous piece. I was originally like $139 USD, but I got it for $27?? What a steal! I love a great bargain!

So let me know what you think girls, I'm changing up the contest too so look out for some better goodies in the prizes! Talk to you all soon and don't forget to subscribe/check out my Youtube channel!

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