Saturday, July 18, 2009

Manhattan Haul: Forever 21 and Strawberry

So I went to Manhattan again with my future roommate today and had a ball. The main objective? To go to the Forever 21 again in Union Square and go crazy. Of course we did just that.. we caught a 10 am train into the city and got there around 11 am. We took the A C E subway line downtown and walked to Union Square- home to the greatest Forever 21 ever! Haha sorry, I'm a little over dramatic.

We spent over 2 hours in the store. She had never been there before and as I was on my first visit, she was overwhelmed and was ecstatic. Below is my haul from Forever 21 and a little blurb about why I decided on the purchase.

I am going to college somewhere north and it will be a bit chilly so to appease the requests of my mom, I had to pick up a little shrug. This one is cute, it has girly frills and ruffles.. perfect to just throw on over a tank top or more revealing shirt.

I've been having a thing for skirts lately.. I'm planning on wearing this with a black tank top.. pulling the skirt up high and putting a black belt over the elastic. I already tried it on and it looks really good.

I did not get this color top, I got it in gray.. the ruffles are gray too on mine so it is muted. I'm going to wear it as a dress, maybe with leggings on underneath. This is from Forever 21's line Twelve by Twelve.

The minute I saw this shirt in the store, I knew I HAD to have it. It was so gorgeous and so chic, I grabbed it and went to the dressing room, praying that it fit good and it did! I was so excited. I think it cost around $30 USD which is such an amazing price. This stock picture doesn't do it justice, the rhinestones and detailing on the neck is so cute.

I love the color of this shirt, and it's such a simple way to look dressy but casual the same time. The color is so summery and looks great on anyone. I love this top!

After we finally made it out of Forever, I had to stop in this store called Strawberry. Honestly, I thought all of their clothes were a bit tacky, but in the back they were having the most amazing shoe sale and I had to get a pair of gladiator sandals. So I picked up the following pair, for just $19.99 USD!

They are from a brand called Bamboo, I have never heard of them before, but I looked online and if you want to check out Strawberry's website click here. The one I went to was two stores down from the Forever 21 in Union Square. There is a lot of great shopping around there that is affordable so I really recommend making a stop there if you are ever in New York City.

I went to the Sephora there too and I was SO proud of myself, because I had a Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in my hand, but I decided not to buy it, even though I had been lemming one for soo long.

Anyway, that is my haul for you guys! I'm going to do a video so you can actually see everything I bought. Have a great day!

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Peluxe100 said...

Those shoes are gorgeous!
I'm going to NYC next year - can't wait!